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Welcome to my site!

If you're first reading this, then I'm glad that you stopped by. I always feel like Doogie Houser, at the very end of the episode, when I sit down to reflect at my computer. Regardless, I am excited to have my site up and running, and after much suggestions from my more technologically-sophisticated friends, I decided an on-site blog was a must-have. About one thousands times a day, I find myself embroiled in incessant rants about the publishing process, the Massachusetts economic stimulus plan, or just visceral responses to the mundane. Well, in the event that you already know me--which you very well might have--and have elected to read this, then I need to back up and provide some details: two years ago, I packed up my Jeep, and in a whirlwind, resolution of a move, drove ten straight hours to Provincetown, MA. Located at the very tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown is a mecca for artists, gays, trannies, free-spirits, and Portugese fishermen, and the home to the Fine Arts Work Center. 

 Ever since, I spent my time working for the whale watch company, up until now. The initial days spent on the whale watch boat were the most joyous in my life: the obliviousness to the land-locked seasons, the salt-ions that induce an ecstatic giddiness, the humpbacks' breeching--breeching is a behavior that scientists still can't explain, it occurs when a whale throws its thirty-ton body out of the ocean--then, the white-sided dolphins that sliced through the wake, and the lopsided sunfish that looked as though they were carved out of granite, with their dorsal fin slanting from the water.

Can't say that I was bored. My job was to attend to the galley (snack bar), and consisted of making greasy sandwiches, mixing drinks, and cleaning up the boat after the tourists had departed. Oh, and did I forget to mention the most winning part--the part where I got to hang out in the wheelhouse with the Captains, then Joe "Bones" Basine, and Mark "Lumby" DeLumba, while watching the whales? 

That was almost two years ago, though. Sadly, The Portugese Princess whale watching boat has since merged with the Dolphin Fleet, the corporate whale watch of Ptown. I realized that I needed to let my poems, passions, and memories go, because, as Joe Bolton said, there is nothing in this world that is not beautiful or that will last. Ever since, I worked a few odd jobs, as barista, bartender, etc., but as the 2009 tourist season kicked off, I made a groundbreaking choice: to continue to collect unemployment in order to write and publish full-time. For the past six months, that's been exactly what I've been doing. Thanks to the Massachusetts economic stimulus plan, you can get a federal extension on your unemployment benefits of up to 33 additional weeks, making for a grand total of 59 weeks of unemployment benefits. Massachusetts service industry workers listen up, because for some unknown reason, the details of this plan are not publicized: the first $2,400 of benefits are not taxed due to the plan. After some careful thinking, I realized, that in this time of economic crisis, that I could make this system work to my advantage. I mean, how stupid is it to turn away free money?

Which leads me up to the present, blogging moment, and, in a very roundabout way, my incentive for keeping up this website: because I have the time and resources and want to utilize them in every way possible. So please, check back with me frequently as I update you on my journey. I feel that writing incorporates all different levels of interaction. And, as someone who spends the majority of her day cramming envelopes, churning out new poems, and proofing old ones, I feel myself cut off from the oxygen supply of human interaction. I think of this as a helluva way to breathe. So drop by frequently, say hello, and let me know what you're up to in turn. In the past, I have blogged on the confines of MySpace. I am happy to be set free!




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