Feminist Erotic Reading

Posted by maria nazod on Sunday, October 18, 2009
Last week, colleague and Friend Jeannette Angell Cezanne and I gave a Feminist Erotic Reading at the Art House. I want to thank those friends who came: (this means you Dianne, and Patricia!) As well as those other women who graced us with their presence. 

We were delighted at the turnout, only because due to a lot of taxations of our lives, including Jeannette's play, "Flygirls" being performed in New York City, in addition to a phalanx of other reasons, we did not have the chance to promote the show with our usual aggressiveness. Plus, as writers, we have those usual moments of unfounded neuroses, ie, "Who would show up to a reading at the end of tourist season? Who reads? Who even LIKES literature?" 

 What I realized from this experience, is that not only Jeannette and I, but skilled writers, collectively, are way too hard on themselves...well...good writers, anyway....there are a lot of band writers who are NOT--far too many in fact--who should be, but that is neither here nor there. 

I think we had forgotten that plenty of people like us, our writing, the writings of others whom we read at the show, including poems of
Kevin Pilkington, Jeffrey McDaniel, and the late James L. White, as well as a tantalizing short story that Jeannette herself read--and most of all, come on--feminist erotica! 

We were thrilled with the turnout, the ethos was elegant and sexy, and our audience members were engaged, even going so far as to provide complements and feedback after the show. I walked offstage feeling my confidence renewed, revived and sexy, and I hope the ladies who attended did too! I suppose we needed to keep the faith, that there are sexually-free open minded people out there who love literature. 

This reading was actually a sneak peek at the coming attractions. This summer we will be expanding it into the full-blown show, called "Read My Lips." So, if you liked what you saw, come Summer 2010, the show, titled "Read My Lips" will reveal even more....so, I shall keep you faithfully abreast in hopes that you will attend this summer. We will be promoting it until the walls turn color and collapse, and promise you a luscious, all-revealing look at performance and literature that is smart as it is sexy. And this show is NOT simply for and by women--we will have a male appearance also! 



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