Gearing Up for Costa Rica...And Breathless About it!

Posted by maria nazod on Tuesday, December 29, 2009
So, I am about to say goodbye to my winter sublet lent to me by a generous friend. Right now, the tide is out. The sun has not yet set, but it will soon. Pretty soon, another friend will come over to watch the sun sink into the ocean. My last sunset in this beautiful place. At least, for a while. 

And pretty soon here, I shall be leaving for Costa Rica. I can hardly wait. I can hardly, moreover, believe it is happening. There is always something ecstatic and mystical about travel; it tends to relax you into your fullest, most carefree core spirit. Paradoxically, it also suddenly gives you a heightened sense of intuition. The little voice in the back of your head pipes up, "This situation is cool. This one is not," and so forth. I love the idea of traveling solo. Hopefully I will love the act thereafter, and I have a funny feeling that I will. Some of my best poems have come from traveling, mostly inspired by the natives whom I meet. My poem "The Absolute Value of Loneliness" was generated (roughly, by hand) in Cuba, then transcribed when I got back to the US. To date, according to my valued readers in my writing workshop, it has been one of my strongest poems. I can only hope another worthy piece will bubble up from the Costa Rican rainforest of Monteverde; where I am especially breathless in my excitement to see in all its glory: from the hummingbirds, to the zip line rainforest canopy tours, where you whiz through the air through a rainforest canopy--an activity just crazy enough to where I'd be fucking crazy NOT to partake in-- to the butterfly farms. All of it. I cannot wait to explore, write, and of course, develop a stronger mental version of my new full-length book. 

Yay: hummingbirds, canopies, wildness, sweet, wildness, adventures, parties, creativity, restoration, new friends!  

I will let you know when I officially leave. Email me while I am gone. 


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