Great News: Maria Collaborates With Tony Zampella of My Ptown

Posted by maria nazod on Wednesday, July 1, 2009
I am thrilled to announce that my newest project includes contributing to a bi-weekly blog "My Ptown" with Tony Zampella starting July 15th

 I liken Tony's blog to that of an ear pressed against the chest of Provincetown's beating heart; it contains a comprehensive, fun guide to all of the events that are exploding out of Ptown during this time of year. From drag shows to the Governor Bradford Bar's Fag Bash, to the weekly GAB featuring in-depth updates about local businesses, new and old, to finally, My Ptown Guy, a bi-weekly blurb featuring an interview with a local Ptown twenty-to-thirtysomething man who has a special energy to bring to the eclectic table. I will be posting bi-weekly features titled, "My Ptown Gal," to put a female spin on the creative axis. Basically, I will be choosing a woman whose sense of self ignites with her individuality. So, stay tuned, faihtful readers. Come JULY 15th, check it out. 

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