Of these recent positive developments, I cast the I-Ching. I got an especially noteworthy hexagram (symbol/fortune) today: (I am probably in danger of broaching a copyright infringement, but whatever. Live wildly.)


This hexagram signifies a time similar to spring...there is a strong flow of energy, and harmony and prosperity are the reward for those who correctly balance their higher and lower natures. It is by remaining aware of our inferior self while insuring that the superior self governs our conduct that we arrive in a state of peace. 

See yourself as a tree...the earth around you, fertile. Sun and water and wind are plentiful...By maintaining your focus and moving upward toward light, clarity, and purity, you can reach great height. If you become entangled in inferior things, you will not enjoy the benefit of this gracious hour. Stay balanced, innocent, and correct and good fortune is assured.

Wow-za. Smart book, eh?