Terrific news, Gentle Readers.

My chapbook manuscript, "Trailer Park Heart" was chosen as runner up by renowned memoirist, novelist, and poet, Marge Piercy for the 2010 Providence Athenaeum Philbrick Poetry Project Award. Check out the formal announcement on their website. 

Naturally, I am pretty stoked. It is the first--and hopefully not the last--major recognition I have received in my writing career. All the same, I hope this shining accolade is akin to that of a chandelier at the end of a long, dark tunnel: that it is there, shining, hopefully along with many other sparkling premonitions!  

If you're wondering about the Costa Rica blogs (yes, Tia, this means you), they will get written in due time. Right now, I am mourning a place which I truly felt an affinity for, which no place (not even Ptown) has managed to compete with. But, I am trying to hold the good times in my heart and head. But, I miss the ocean, warm and balmy even at night, the iguanas and their beady stares and short legs, and the howler monkeys' whiskey-throated roars. Who wouldn't? But I am going back. 

Anyway, I did not want to wax rhapsodic. I simply wanted to tell you the great news. 
Pura Vida!