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Posted by maria nazod on Saturday, October 24, 2009
I have lived this past week in breathless wonderment. I know that I've long told you, Gentle Readers, of my plans to make 2009-2010 the best year of my life. Well, I forgot, amid all my planning to venture off to glorious places of hummingbirds and volcanoes, in the midst of filling out stacks and stacks of grant applications, and in between planning a winter that will be trisected between Ptown, Western Mass, Costa Rica, and elsewhere, I'd forgotten to live in the present gold moment. And the following blessed events happened:

A few weeks ago I applied for an open-ended interest-free loan from The Author's League Fund. I told them my story and incentive for financial need. Last week I opened an envelope containing a check for $500.00. I felt the surf of my breath draw in. Then, I socked it away into a CD-deposit. Ah, the penny-pinching poet.

This week I received an email from a residency based out of the Southwest. They have accepted me to attend a three-month residency, with all expenses paid except for airfare and certain foods. I am astounded at their generosity and receptivity. Once again, I had to rightfully prove financial need, work samples, etc. The residency is beautiful! The offer so generous, now, HOW could I refuse? I plan to go sometime next year, as my winter has been filling up quickly. I could not be happier. Then again...never say never....

I've long decided whereas it's healthy to get off-Cape, that I don't want to overlook the solitude and natural beauty of finding your footsteps are the only ones on the beach, also called Cape Cod in the Wintertime. I'd like some time spent here between the traveling. Some time to cook, walk, write, go to Cape Inn free movies, etc. Some of my warmest, simplest memories are of sitting cozily at home here in Ptown, trying out a new recipe, with my only future plans being to frequent the Governor Bradford, walk the beach, or write a new poem, with neither a cent nor a care. I hope history repeats itself. I have become addicted to New England small town winters; just striving to find the healthy balance between here and elsewhere. 

Just when I became convinced that life's cornucopia was overflowing with gifts, yesterday I received yet another acceptance from The Saranac Review.

I never knew that being happy could make you physically exhausted. It CAN. 

So, full speed ahead, but bask in the present moment. I'd also like to attribute both the generous gift from The Author's League Fund and the residency to one of the richest writer's resources on the net: Mira's List. A blog written by a writer for writers that hosts a rich list of various residencies, emergency grant and relief programs, and fellowships. Please, check it out if you get the chance, and kick a donation Mira's way. She is a prolific writer and artist who works very hard to keep this project going. After only two months, I can hardly believe the benefits I've reaped. 


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