The "Review Review" Praises Poem Published in Inkwell Journal

Posted by maria nazod on Friday, July 30, 2010
More good news! 

My poem "Cockfight" appeared in the Spring 2010 Issue of Inkwell Journal. I am pleased to inform you that Dell Smith of The Review Review has written an article titled, "Weaving a Cultural Tapestry" in praise of this issue of Inkwell. 

My poem "Cockfight" is specifically mentioned in the piece, in a highly complimentary manner. 

An excerpt from the official review reads:  

"...Maria Nazos’ poem "Cockfight" offers sweet, humid sights and signals from Havana, of useless roosters who start their wakeup call at 4 am, and are faced off in fights so that “the russet, sun-flecked feathers erupt like pieces of forgotten sun against the dark.” The narrator compares these fighting roosters to the men in her neighborhood: “Men who escaped the draft’s cold hands, thank god, but still don’t have the sense to see a swift kick to the ribs.” Whether rooster or man, “every morning, there is always reason to sing.”

To read the entire review, please go to Be sure to check out the other talented folks' whose work appeared in Inkwell and are also is mentioned in this article. 


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