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Posted by maria nazod on Monday, November 2, 2009
I want to thank my graceful hostess with the mostest, (who is likely cringing as she reads this, at my shameless coupling of colloquialism-meets-cliche) Jeannette Angell, for conducting a lovely, relaxed, and gracious first-ever radio interview for me! The pre-recorded show is scheduled to air on Provincetown's own WOMR come November 12 at 12:30-12:45 PM. You can listen to it online or the old-fashioned way, by tuning into 92.1 FM. 

I think Mademoiselle Angell may have created a monster; except in lieu of a lightning bolt, it was a zap of radio frequency. Without giving too much away, the interview includes my background as a poet, my use of the long line, and any advice for young poets. I hope you tune in! 

Meanwhile, I am sitting here, watching the room fade to dusk, embroiled in the throes of one of my newly-acquired migraine headaches. I've jokingly told friends recently, that I liken this ailing persona to that of a used car salesman with a car. 

"She runs like a dream!" He exclaims. Then, brings his hand down on the hood in a study of enthusiasm, only for the hood and bumper to fall off.

These days, I feel like my body's migraine-related misfirings are akin to this analogy. I can look well enough and for the most part function. But man, when the Hurricane Migraine strikes, there ain't no salvation. My last functional neuron that is not weeping with pain is clinging to the last scrap of the sanity life raft. Very odd, because I've had no history of headaches, at least no worse than the infrequent hangover. 

On top of it, I am sounding like a self-pitying pain-in-the-ass. But seriously. Thank you, friends, for bearing with my whining. It really does feel like someone took a steel bat to my cranium, a la the dorky Michael Bolton from Office Space when he and his colleagues besiege the malfunctioning printer. 

Anyway. That's it. Please, try and catch my radio premier! 





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