A Hymn That Meanders                                                  Wising Up Press, 2011             

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In passionate, lyrical, funny, angry, and ecstatic poems that migrate from the heartland of the country to the Atlantic coast and beyond, this  young poet searches the world within her and around her for intimate myths that will hold, stories that will heal, actions that can transform the restless quest for love into its steady practice, adolescence into adulthood.

                    Still Life                                                                                      Dancing Girl Press, 2016                                                 

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    "For a Good Time, Call Morphine"                 

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    Dancing Girl Press

  Praise for A Hymn That Meanders:

With sonorous cadences, with relentless honesty, and with deeply human truths, as well as deeply human humans infusing her poems, Maria Nazos  has written a stunning first collection. Godspeed (like a bolt, like a bullet) A Hymn That Meanders into the world!

Thomas Lux, author of Particles: Poems, The Cradle Place, The Street of Clocks, and New and Selected Poems, 1975-1995

Maria Nazos's first book successfully depicts an 'us' whose lyric motion is equal parts devotional and destructive but never accidental. This is grown-folk  poetry, up front and adult, and there is not an ounce of surface-utterance in A Hymn That Meanders.              

Thomas Sayers Ellis, author of Skin Inc: Identity Repair Poems andThe Maverick Room